Month: September 2014

The Beauty of the Simplicity

I like silence, or just the sounds of nature, black and white photography, and the beauty of a bird singing it’s evening song.   I guess you could say  that I like things in their most honest  state.  Right at this moment I am listening to the crickets chirping or whatever it is that they do.  I would miss that sound if I never heard it again, That sound eases me to sleep.  Some people need the radio or t.v., I am lulled to sleep by the rhythmic sound of the cricket the master tempo keeper.

There is a certain elegance to simplicity.  When I see great design, I respond to it.  When I hear an outstanding musical score, it transports me to another place and time.  I think it’s a very human trait to want beauty and serenity in our lives.  I guess that’s why I just keep on painting, listening to music and designing gardens.  I can’t bring myself to devote my whole life to my job.  I am not a linear person.  Meeting quotas is not what I am cut out to do.  Accountants would not be happy with me if they had to quantify my life!  I am more like a landscape with a river running through it.  I don’t think in blips and sound bytes.  I don’t even set an alarm, I don’t own a smartphone and sometimes I just take my reliable old pentex film slr camera out on a photo shoot and choose one lens and that’s it.  Just like that I’m out the door on a new adventure.  I like the idea that I have either 12, 24, or 36 chances and that is all to get the shot I want.  Having a finite amount of chances  encourages you to focus.  As I said I like simplicity.


Not Fussing

Isn’t your first instinct usually your best?  We as humans are given these little moments of inspiration throughout our lives, these little moments of beauty.  I often wonder what inspires great musicians.  It’s probably moments of silence where their ideas can float to the surface.  Claude DeBussy had a great quote: “music is what happens between the notes.”  Think about that for a moment.  I am not a musician, I am an artist by training, but I understand what he means.  It’s the moments that are not filled up in a drawing or a melody that are just as beautiful as the rest of the composition.

I’m sitting at my computer right now writing this blog watching the leaves float down in the cool fall breezes.  A moment of inspiration.  Just look around you, there is so much to be discovered.