Best Book I Have Read…In A Long Time

Hello fellow readers, I finished the best book I’ve read in a long time.  ‘The Underside of Joy” by Sere Prince Halverson.  I read this book in a very short period.  I just could not ignore this story.  There is an unremarkable start to the  book and then it careens almost to the point of being completely out of control. The antagonist in the book, Paige, is the ex-wife of the recently deceased Joseph.  She shows up at the funeral of her ex-husband like a polished piece of chrome, all shiny and new.  She is characterized as cold, impossibly beautiful and calculating.  Nothing could be further from the truth. and this will not be revealed until near the end of the book.  Her counterpart, the deceased ex’s new wife (widow) Ella Beene seems to be the anti-thesis of Paige.  Ella is completely down to earth and when married to Joe had taken the kids from the first marriage under her wing.  This book will show you how we are all precariously perched on a seesaw of delirious joy and deep despair. Without being preachy, this story shows how in an instant everything that you thought to be true was really just an illusion.   Even the seemingly simple character of Ella Beene is surprisingly complex and that was very true of all of the characters of this book.

This story underlines just how fragile our moorings in this life are whether it be to a spouse, a job, a child, a pet, whatever. People can be unspeakably cruel and incredibly selfless.  Both extremes of character are explored in this story.  We are just like the little sea whelk that is holding on fast to whatever it is attached to. Just when you think you are at your happiest, the fates roll in like a tsunami, stripping everything that you have known away.  This book teaches the lesson that sometimes things have to be stripped bare before they can be healed and restored.  The book is full of secrets and subplots that only come to the surface because the quintessential tsunami hit.  Don’t miss this book.

Fish in an underwater ballet by C. Smaletz

Fish in an underwater ballet by C. Smaletz

Don’t miss this story.