The State of Education in United States

College- Just Another Commodity

Well, I have heard it all.  Now certain colleges are no longer requiring SAT scores to get in.  College used to count, it used to mean something to the select few who managed to get in.  College, like so many other things has become just another commodity.  All that counts is the bottom line, the amount of tuition that can be generated in one academic year.  I understand some people just don’t test well, but I don’t think the SAT’s should be done away with.

Unfortunately, we have become a nation of excuse makers.  This will not serve us well in the long run.  What if a person who wanted to become a neurosurgeon “just didn’t test well” and was excused from all college testing? What if not only did he or she not test well, but  never had a full grasp of the basics of biology and chemistry.  Would you be comfortable with this person operating on your brain?  

Some things in life are tough (like college boards), having babies without anesthesia or dancing the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker.  Professional dancers train for years to get to the level they need to be.   Some things should be tough because it means that much more when you finally reach your goal.  College is not for everyone.  A prospective student should have to hit certain benchmarks.  I  strongly believe this and I was not even a traditional college student.  I was a fine art major.  In order to become accepted at the fine arts college I went to, a prospective student had to produce a portfolio of work showing solid drawing, painting and conceptualization skills.  If my portfolio wasn’t up to snuff there is no way I would’ve gotten in.  I am proud that I got in on the merits of my portfolio and not wishful thinking .  I worked for this.  Work is a good thing.  There is no excuse for a job poorly done. Period.