The Quiet Season

For those who love the quiet of winter:…”listen as the wind whips up high notes and whispers low ones…”

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Daily Prompt: Elegant

via Daily Prompt: Elegant

Elegant…even the word sounds luxurious.  Elegant seems like a stretched out word, long and languid and in no hurry to get anywhere in particular.  If you think about it, what comes to mind when you think of fashion?  My first thought is of an elegant long evening gown.

The word elegant also conjures up the image of a very sleek Siamese cat or for that matter, a very sleek anything.   How about dinner in the city on a clear cold night. A room full of elegantly dressed strangers and a night full of possibilities.  The word elegant conjures up many images for me.

What is it about fall that makes us rowdy? Leaves dancing all over the sidewalk, people walking with purpose, there is such a sense of urgency in the air. In the summer we stroll, in the fall we WALK. In the summer cats loll around in the oppressive heat and could care less about most goings on, in the fall they jump around like possessed happy maniacs.

I guess I feel like a possessed happy maniac with a need to expand my possibilities. Maybe it’s because we know we have this unique slice of perfect time where anything is possible. Feeling ambitious? Maybe it’s just those cool fall breezes whispering to your soul: “get to it!”

Not Fussing

Isn’t your first instinct usually your best?  We as humans are given these little moments of inspiration throughout our lives, these little moments of beauty.  I often wonder what inspires great musicians.  It’s probably moments of silence where their ideas can float to the surface.  Claude DeBussy had a great quote: “music is what happens between the notes.”  Think about that for a moment.  I am not a musician, I am an artist by training, but I understand what he means.  It’s the moments that are not filled up in a drawing or a melody that are just as beautiful as the rest of the composition.

I’m sitting at my computer right now writing this blog watching the leaves float down in the cool fall breezes.  A moment of inspiration.  Just look around you, there is so much to be discovered.